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Cover of Tyntesfield in WWII by Michael BoyceTyntesfield in WWII: The Story of an American Army Hospital 1943-45 and the Tyntesfield ‘village’ 1946-60

From the end of November 1943 to the middle of May 1944, the 56th General Hospital, on the site of the stately home Tyntesfield, near Bristol, cared for American soldiers wounded and injured in nearby training camps. Thereafter, the 74th General Hospital took over and to the war’s end it tended to Americans wounded in the battles on mainland Europe. After the Americans left in June 1945, the local council converted many of the buildings into dwellings to house people made homeless in the war, eventually accommodating more than 150 families and 500 people. By the late 1950s most families had moved out of the “village” into new houses. In 1960 the last of the buildings were demolished, and the land returned to the Tyntesfield estate in 1961.

This book tells of the work of the hospital, based on official documents, many wartime photographs, and the stories of some of those involved, including local people. It also portrays the postwar Tyntesfield “village”, with memories of some of those who lived there.

Tyntesfield in WWII is published by SilverWood Books and is now available from the National Trust Gift Shop at Tyntesfied or from all good bookshops. (Ask them to place an order if it’s not currently in stock.) Alternatively click here to order from Amazon.

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ISBN 978-1-1781320716 (Paperback) RRP £12.99
Published by SilverWood Books
Publication Date:27th November 2012

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